McMaster Catalog

Hi Tim,

I don’t know how to get a catalog from McMaster. The reason I have
an old one is that my husband was a Purchasing Agent for a Machine
Tool Rebuilder and when they would get their new catalog he would
scarf up the old one and bring it home. I haven’t tried to buy one -
and I assume you have. I can’t imagine they won’t sell you one but
it would probably be very expensive. I know what you mean about
knowing how to look things up. I basically use the old catalog as a
guide and it helps me locate things on the website. I wonder if they
have any kind of a catalog on CD??

Grace, Cleveland

Dear Grace,

You don’t need a catalog. The whole thing is on their website at : It’s searchable.

Michael Knight
CASTALDO(r) Products Mfg. Corp & F.E. Knight Inc.
120 Constitution Blvd.
Franklin, MA 02038 U.S.A.

Thank you. I am aware the catalog is on a website - I was
addressing another member who was having trouble navigating it and
would prefer a hard copy. I know the catalog is not easy to obtain.
I like using the website and I also get very good customer service
from them whenever I call with a question.