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Max Nixon (1915-2000) Legacy Metalwork

When Max Nixon, who founded the jewelry and metalsmithing program at the University of Oregon, died in 2000, I posted a note of remembrance to this community. Max Nixon was one of my first metals teachers in Eugene, Oregon. It was because of Max that I am a jewelry artist. He was legendary among his students for his generosity, patience, and creative genius as an artist of many different genres. Now,18 years later, his creative works are finally being featured at White Lotus Gallery in Eugene as a tribute to Max and his wife Hattie Mae. The show starts on Saturday, October 27, and runs through November 27. Be sure to check out the catalog of Max’s work, offered by Blurb:

Christine L. Sundt -

That is such great news! I got to know Max and Hattie Mae pretty well the last years of their lives and I was a huge fan of both of them. I’ll try to join you for the opening night.

James Dailing