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Max Danger - Jewelry Gallery

Danger Jewels
London, UK

I am a trained award winning fine jeweller from Copehagen and a self taught illustrator. My work aims to translate my illustrations in to 3 dimensional wearable pieces, creating narrative jewellery. After finishing my apprenticeship at Jakob Enghave Gold, or what i like to call "Ali Babas Cave", in Denmark, I started my Masters at the Royal College of Art. There I spent my time developing and perfecting my concept and the message I wanted to express through my jewelry.
Inspired by comic books, childhood memories, music and things I have experienced, gold, silver and gemstones create a political cry or a playfull universe in symbioses with illustrations and prints.

Materials: 18 ct gold and diamonds Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm x 130mm

Queen bee brooch pin with crown and scepter. Comes with stand in 925 silver so it can function as a sculpture when not worn.

Photo credit: Dominic Tschudin

Robot Bee

Materials: 18ct gold
Dimensions: 15mmx 1mm

Pendant of a futuristic drone bee

Photo credit: Max Danger