Mawsitsit Rough available

Dear Orchid Members,

Dr. Aspler has just installed a new Java Scrolling List of
Gemstone Inventory Pages on my website. I’ve never seen one
like this before, and I think it’s pretty cool.

Check it out, if you like, at :

Mawsitsit News

I have just returned from Burma with over 7 ‘fresh’ kilos of
Mawsitsit rough. It’s looking good, but the monsoons have come to N.
Burma, and no new rough will come out of the ground until November.
There is still some waiting for me there, but this amount was
enough for my backpack this trip!

I’m slicing and selecting the rough now, and would like offer the
top grade to Orchid Members at these prices.

25 grams US$ 50.
50 grams US$ 90.
100 grams US$ 170.
500 grams US$ 800.

I’d like to see more people know and appreciate this unique rock.
(and buy it from me, of course!)

Thank you. Scott.

Scott Davies
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