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Matt wax solvent

Hello Ive been playing around with a new toy in the shop (a cnc) Im
trying to use on matt wax I wonder if anyone knows of a solvent that
can dissolve Matt wax (to use as a chemical polish) since the level
of detail attainable raises the need to polish smaller crevices, so
sand paper or heat are not options, any Idease?

Yves Roldan
Tepoztlan, Mexico

Try eucalyptus oil.

Paf Dvorak

Here you go just what you are looking for
Wax Gloss by Contenti

I an orange oil product intended for dissolving grease stains I can
buy at the supermarket

Jenifer Gow

I would also like to know about techniques people have had success
with for polishing wax. Solvents like Xylene are too strong; they
smear the wax. I tried denatured alcohol; that seemed helpful as it
is a weak solvent for wax.


By all means avoid xylene as it is considered a carcinogen. Although
the only tests so far have been on animals it is advisable not to
use it.


I use Ronsonol lighter fluid (naphtha) when I need a solvent (which
isn’t very often). I usually polish waxes with a dry Bounty paper
towel which works pretty well. Putting much more work into polishing
wax than that is wasted effort due to the very slight roughness of
the casting skin imparted by the investment.

Dave Phelps

I am interested in this question too. I am particularly interested
in methods/materials for polishing injected wax models. Injection wax
is very different from hard carving wax-- much harder to get a really
smooth finish after building up and carving down.


Lighter fluid works for me.