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Matt Finish Wheels


Hi Folks, Somel years agoI useda finishing wheel from a tool
company in NY, but I can’t seem to remember the companie’s name! It
was a spindle of freemoving steel wire spokes ona white plastic
wheel… If you can picture those Ronco rust removers that are
advertised for autobody work, but on a much smaller scale, that’s
what it looks like… I liked it because it produced a non-linear
finish. Depending on the gauge of wire on the wheel, it makes asoft
matt finish or a brighter cut finish. The results are
indestinguishable from a sandblasted effect. If anyone knows of a
source for these, it would be much appreciated. Also, for those of
you sandblasters, I saw an interesting effect someone had done on
white gold,a very dramatic effect, very sparkly looking!The guy said
he used ordinary glass that he had crushed- up. Does this sound
plausable? Jesse


it’s called a Texturing Wheel. Frei & Borel (and others, i’m sure)
have it in their catalog in 4 different finishes - from very coarse
to very fine. i like the mediun one.



Jesse I just receiver one of these from Borel and Frei in Oakland. I
have used the larger version on my polishing machine for a couple of
years now and think it is great.



Jesse: I believe this request has come up before. These are texturing
wheels made it Germany. We carry them in stock in two thicknesses of
wire, fine and coarse. Our order #'s are 51-212(coarse) 51-213 (fine)
Price is $43.75. Call us at 800-282-1980. Hop[e this helps. You MUST
wear safety glasses ussing these wheels. RG


Jesse- Just today, Gessweins holiday sale catalog came and they had
what, I think, your looking for. They come in a couple of different
sizes and finishes. They call them texturing wheels. The extra-fine
16x12mm starts as item #113-1062. And they look just like the ronco
super duper rust remover you describe. I’ve not used their web site ,yet so I don’t know if they have a virtual catalog
that you could see them there. Good Luck, Leslie


they are very good i use medium and extra fine i am vry happy on
mine platinum finishes