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Material to make mold

Need to know the best material to make a fast mold of a vegetable
material to then inject with wax. This plant material is fresh
and must remain so as drying to burnout directly not feasible.

Pat! Try the following: oil the vegetable dip the vegetable in molten
wax, do this over and over again, until you have a thick coat of wax,
once the coat is thick enough, cut it in two halves, remove the
vegetable Now reunite the two halves (you can use tape at two opposite
points to fix temporaily) with a hot spatula and some wax covering the
cut. Now make a hole at the more convenient side and fill some
plaster (thick but liquid) and close the hole with putty moving the
waxmold around so the plaster can attach to all sides of the mold. Let
dry long enough (…) Remove the wax opening at the cut. You will end
up having a hollow cast, from which you can then proceed to make a
mold in any material.

Hope this wil help. It has worked for me.
Poidi Trauttmansdorff

Poidi and others, What is said above is correct. I one wishes, at the
point of pouring in plaster, put the wax “mold” into the freezer for
a 1/2+++ hour, take it out and pour in some warm (not hot, just warm
enough to pour) wax into the wax mold, slosh it around to distribute
the heat and the warm wax and dump out any extra. Now you have a
hollow wax that you can cast directly.

The above “molding” method does not work very well on items with
undercuts, as the “mold” has to be cut into so many parts to get it
off. It can still be done, just not as easily as a rubber mold. If
interested in rubber molds, there are a zillion different
types/manufacturers available. Depends on where you are as to who
might be the best supplier. An Internet search should get you all
sorts of leads.

John Dach

Hi! I was wondering what you might be doing now. I have never had
much luck making molds from orginac meterial. What I would do is
invest cast then make my mold.

Pat please write me (email) and I will fill you in
on the last few years lots of things have happend, good to find you.
John Baltzley

Dear Pat

This is Michael Knight at CASTALDO.

We have a new RTV rubber similar to Silastic but not thick as tar,
not frightfully expensive, not easily torn and lacking in strength,
not hard to mix, hard to de-bubblize and not hard to use. And not a
silicone – a newer technology.

It’s called our CASTALDO� LiquaCast 0% Shrinkage RTV Liquid Jewelry
Molding rubber. You can read more about it at our web site at:

You can make a mold of absolutely anything. I’ve made molds of
strawberries and chocolate cherry bon-bons.( you can see them on the
web site). And it’s perfect for making molds of wax carvings-- no risk
of losing your carving in a bad casting!

I’d be happy to send anyone interested a small free sample. Please
let me have your shipping address – no P. O. boxes, please.