Matching the colour of new gold chains

Hi all,
When working on new 9ct yellow gold chains and bracelets - usually removing links from heavy bracelets - the links will change colour when heated I assume from the flash plating being burnt off. I want to return the chain with a uniform colour but the only plating solutions I have available to me at the moment are 14ct and 24 - both too yellow to match the original colour. I have not been able to locate a local supplier of 9ct if indeed that is what is needed
I am hoping that some of you have had a similar problem in the past and may know a supplier of a suitable plating solution to solve my problem.
With thanks

Hi Roger, firstly the 9 ct chain is plated with (I believe) 20 ct. All jewellery plating may be thought of as flash plating. Don’t know how much of this work you are doing but the flame should be as little as possible ie. TIG welded or hydrogen welded. The temperature of a torch flame should be as low as possible to the solder temperature. There is a very good video on Argentium soldering that shows a “halo flame”. Mask off the area to be soldered with Firescoff “rhodium” coating and you will be off to a good start. P.S. the rhodium version is simply more concentrated, they have told me verbally.

Thanks for the reply John.
I don’t normally have a problem with these things but the chain was a very heavy b’let and the plating was removed from a couple of links. Your information will be of use