Matching seasons when displaying jewelry online

someone online told me (a few people on facebook) that there is
different seasons worldwide like its summer in the usa and somewhere
else its a different season?

i dont know if i believe this so i thought id ask here because this
poses a threat to displaying jewelry online in a fashion to make it
appealing to people worldwide (online stores)

Now if its summer and i was to say put some items up for sale in my
webstore( now this is hypothetical because my pieces are not
finished atm) but i would think to put them on a mannequin with a
summer look. amiright? What if someone from a different season sees
it and thinks its not apply to them at the time of possible purchase
because of the summer season difference?

i mean id like to have it be appealing in all areas what do u think
people? i sure hope that it isnt september or something in a
different country. because they would read my site and think it is
not updated!

If you photograph it against a neutral background, you won’t have
this problem.

When it’s summer in the Northern hemisphere (the top half of the
globe) it’s winter in the Southern (the bottom half.)

This is because the world revolves around an axis that is tilted and
as it progresses round the sun the two poles come nearer and the
further from the sun.

This means that the amount of sunlight falling on an area varies.

Tony Konrath

Of course the seasons are different around the world! Here in
Australia it’s winter (and even in Perth the temperature drops below
zero Celsius on a few mornings)… and high summer in the USA and
Europe. Even on the Equator there are seasons - monsoonal seasons
that bring rain.

Do some reading. Learn a little basic geography.