Matched pair of 5mm seafoam green tourmaline cabs?

I’m looking for a matched pair of 5mm seafoam green (nicely saturated) tourmaline cabs, eye clean, with nice domes, to be set in 18k gold earrings. Would appreciate any U.S. sources, as I need them in the next week or so for a Christmas gift and shipping (local or international) has been very slow lately. Much appreciated! Thanks in advance to the forum.
Kathleen Childress

Try Stachura,

Ask for Mary to pair stones, which costs only $1 extra.

Neil A

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Thanks, Neil A,
Yes, we think alike! :slight_smile: Mary is my first stop for these kinds of searches and I got a nice pair from her … I’m looking for a second pair in case something happens while setting them, and for comparison, and future earrings too. Really appreciate your quick response. Kathleen