Masters Symposium in SF

For those who have not heard, the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
is hosting its second series of classes taught by world renowned
master jewelry artisans. (You need not be a master to attend. In
fact beginners are invited to most of the seminars.) Each Tuesday
evening during the symposium, we will hold a reception and slide
show for the guest instructors to which the entire jewelry
community is invited.

Here is the schedule:
May 3-7 Metalmorphosis with Betty Helen Longhi
Mokume Gane with Steve Midgett
May 8-9 Anodizing Niobium with Betty Helen Longhi
May 10-14 Ancient Rings with Jean Stark
Gem Carving with Glenn Lehrer
May 15-16 Cloisonne Enameling with Jean Stark
May 17-21 Romantic Connections with Doug Zaruba
Pocket Knives with Bob Coogan
May 22-23 Bench Tricks with Doug Zaruba
May 24-28 Waxmasters with Yanna Blacey
Making a Spectacle with Brian Adam
(A frequent Orchid contributor, Brian will travel from his native New Zealand
for this eye-opening seminar.)

Check out for photos and details.

Alan Revere
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
San Francisco

I will be there for Metalmorphosis! I am so excited I can’t
wait. Also since my stone setting skills are pretty limited I will
be attending the comprehensive stone setting class too in a week
and an half.

Anyone else going?