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Master Models for Enamel

I have a client who is developing a line of jewelry that will
receive enamel on the charms, rings, pendants when finished,
however, I don’t know enough about building the master models for
the enamel work.

Can anyone advise me or point me in the direction or contacts of
people who do know more about this process? Specifically, I need to
know how to build the models so they will hold enamel as a finished
product, these are production pieces so I need to consider the
thickness of the metal after 3-4 generations.

Also, is there anyone who does production enameling for folks or
would be willing to do single pieces for a sample line? My client is
interested in what she calls French Enamels, but I am not clear if
they are transparent enamels or opaque as well. I am familiar with
Japanese enamels and opaque ones as I have used them myself, but
only in cloisonne.

I am also aware that counter-enameling is necessary when enameling
in cloisonne, so how does one enamel on a charm or a ring evenly
without it chipping or slumping off during firings and during normal
wear? Obviously, it has been done and I have seen the Aaron Basha
shoe charms and bracelets and such, so any thoughts on designing
models for this type of finished product would be helpful.

This is a great line and a good job for anyone up to the challenge
and patience of enameling hand-detailed, high-end jewelry pieces.

Please contact me off list, or answer some of the technical
questions via the forum to share the with others who
might also find the answers interesting. Thanks everyone.

Sara D. Grinnell
Studio C Designs
C&L Gems LLC
6005 Wayzata Blvd. Suite 100
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Ph: 952 797 7777
Fax: 952 797 9065