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Master microtorch butane torches

For those that aren’t ready to commit to an oxy/fuel or other set up
with the near 700 dollar output that entails or for those limited by
insurance restrictions in a building, there is a new butane torch
out there- a tabletop model and a handheld that are at least equal to
the bernzomatic hand held model ( w removable base not the pencil or
cylyndrical models!!) and exceed the Blazers ( in my opinion- though
the Blazer brand is more expensive they have problems right out of
the box in many cases…the Bernzomatic’s don’t- at least in my
experience with them spanning at least 20 years!)…Anyway, the
tabletop model can be used for glass as its intended, the handheld
for jewelry making. Both.reach a max temp. of 2500 F (1500 C) and
claim an hour per a charge for the tabletop model and in my
experience at least 20 minutes of hit-and-riun soldering for handheld
models…I am not certain if the tabletop model is adjustable to use
for soldering as i haven’t held one. I saw them in the newest Dick
Blick Art Materials catalogue and thought it worth a mention for the
novices needing a torch but miles from a home store that sells the
Bernzomatics, or that have a Blick account established… Again, I
haven’t used the brand but it appears comparable to the Bernzo’s and
is similarly priced (23 bucks for the handheld and 34 for the
tabletop model).Master Micro torches is the brand…No, I don’t work
for Dick Blick… just thought this may be of interest to some…rer

Thats RER for the on the new Microtorch Butane torches
as my Blazer has just died and I need to get a new one. I’ll surely
look into this new one for sure.