Master Jeweler John Paul Miller died

One of the Twentieth Centuries best jeweler’s has died in Northern

Please check out his incredible works of art at his site

John Paul Miller 1918-2013

I’m not sure if everyone is aware, but John Paul Miller died this
past weekend.

He was a creative genius, a gifted jewelry designer, and a master
craftsman. I absolutely love this man, and I still have a note I
scribbled to him tucked away in my bench thanking him for his
awesomeness, and for being such a huge inspiration. I never got
around to sticking it in the mail, and now, of course, I wish I’d
sent it… ;-(

Here’s a crazy-amazing video of him talking about his background and
what inspired him. Goldsmith - John Paul Miller - YouTube

::initiates 21-hammer-tap salute::

Tamra Gentry

So Sad to hear, but he had a good long run and reached incredible
heights in what he loved doing. He was a constant inspiration to me
and I am sure many of you out there in Orchid land. Thomas III

Wow, I spoke with John just two weeks ago, gushing over his work as
I had many times before. What an amazing designer-craftsman he was,
practicing his passion till the end of his rich life. This is a huge
loss for the art world.

Jeff Herman

This is sad news. His work was an inspiration. R. I.P.

Here’s the obituary from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

A great artist, indeed!! Thank you, JPM for a lifetime legacy of
gorgeous, groundbreaking work!

Marianne Hunter