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To the many people who left messages concerning accutron watches I will
say that they are no more difficult to repair than any other watch. I am a
goldsmith and a watchmaker… Yes two different benches… and I work
daily at both goldsmithing and watch repair… I currently have two
accuronds in for repair, an assortment of older pocket wacthes, and an
assortment of older wrist watches, a Rolex president and a gold Audemars
Royal Oak. In addition, I havetwo custom diamond rings and one pendant
plus a couple days of geneal repair work… Hmm, at any rate if you are
having a great deal of difficulty with an accutron e-mail me ,
@Paresol and I will try to help if I am able. Accutrons are great
watches. We are of course speaking of the original tuning fork models,
214,218 and 219. There are new, and older, quartz models out with the
accutron name. While these are fine watches, the quartz models, they are
not what watchmakers call “accutrons”.