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How do you become a member of or become associated with the Jewelry
Board of Trade (JBT)?

Sandra Edmiston

How do you become a member of or become associated with the Jewelry
Board of Trade (JBT)?

You need to contact the JBT at 401-467-0055. They will explain the dues to
you at that time.

Their address is:
The Jewelers Board of Trade
95 Jefferson Boulvard
Warwick, RI 02888-1046

I hope this helps,
Lance Kanaby

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Hi Sandra,

First, if you have a home based business (a studio on your property)
forget it (unless they have changed their criteria in the last 5 years).
They won’t accept it for inclusion.

Anyone who has a manufacturing, wholesale, or retail business, with an
address other than a P.O. Box or a home address, is welcome to apply for
membership. What they are looking for is an address they can verify as a
legitimate business. They will also want a list of your suppliers and
others you do business with on a regular basis. This is how their coding
system is formulated. They will want to see your taxes for 2 or 3 years
to verify income level. Plus there are other qualifications that they will
mention when you call for an application for membership. They are not as
strict as you might think, but they are very thorough. They expect you to
be honest with them.

Their address is:

P.O.Box 6928
Providence, Rhode Island

They have offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York as well.

Barry Hansen
Hansen Designs
Corona, Calif.