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Mass producing fabricated designs

Hello Orchid Members!

I work mainly in sterling, some gold, copper and brass, fabricating
one-of-a-kind and some limited-edition pieces. I would like to
produce about 50 of four or five of my designs and wonder if someone
could point me in the right direction. I’ve been looking for someone
to do laser cutting for me, but have been unsuccessful. The one shop
that was considering my job turned me down because of the
reflectability of sterling.

A couple questions. Has anyone had any of their work mass produced?
Is laser cutting the way to go? Is there an alternative (other than
having them hand-sawn)? Do you know anyone or any shop that does
this sort of work?

One of my designs is a simple shape, the others are more intricate.
They are flat and I will sweat solder the sterling shapes to a
backing of silver or brass. Another shape will be a pin cut from
heavier stock that I will solder a 3-piece pin back to.

Any advice you have for me will be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

Judy Stroup

Judy, I did a series of 100 brooches recently and I had the pieces die
cut at Shel-tech (sp). They did a great job and it saved me a ton of
work. If you need their phone number just let me know and I will
look it up for you.