Masonite sheet resources for sculpture

Does any one have a resource for 4x8 sheets of fully hardened Masonite, to be used in die forming.
Preferably in Michigan. The only resource I can find around here will only sell me at least 20 sheets, if they can find it.

Home Depot has Hardboard Tempered Panel (Common: 1/8 in. 4 ft. x 8 ft.) for $12.98

If you do not want to deal with 4 x 8 foot sheets, 2 x 4 foot sheets (quarter sheets) of Masonite, MDF
and other materials are also available at ‘home improvement’ stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

Neil A

If you haven’t already looked at it, take a look at Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers and Metalsmiths by Susan Kingsley. She discussed using Masonite to build silhouette dies. I have also made them from thick Plexiglas. At least where I live, Masonite seems to be reliably available. Good luck…Rob

I saw the hardened hardboard at Home Depot as well, but what I saw was only 1/8" thick. What thickness are you looking for? For hydraulic die forming I’ve always used 1/4" thick. I’m not seeing that is easily available anywhere either.

What I use for hydraulic die forming is 1/4" plexiglass. That is available all over the place, including Amazon.

Kind of a subplot, Masonite was bought out by Premcor Corporation a while back ago. Now they don’t make hardboard for sale anymore. They just make doors.

One of my best friend’s dad worked at a Masonite plant in a small town in California all of his career. The plant had the biggest pile of sawdust that I’ve ever seen in my life. My friend said that the whole town was sad when the Masonite plant closed down.

I can ask some wood worker friends for a source if you’d like.


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I have purchased 1/2" plexiglass online. It works great, but is a chore to cut. I wonder about cutting your shape out of something hard but thin and then somehow attaching it to a softer, more available, piece of material to get the thickness that you want…Rob

¼" S2S tempered hardboard still exists, although I think it’s made from Eucalyptus now, like the ⅛" Home Depot material. I’m not sure where in Michigan you are, but I would call Standard Lumber, Victor Barnes, or Lumbermen’s, all here in Grand Rapids. I also see that this place might have it in full and half sheets: Tempered Hardboard Redi-Cut 2'x4' sheet - Total Wood Store