Masonic Jewelry

You Wrote: By the way, if a Mason encounters a nonmason in posession of
Masonic jewelry, he is authorized to take whatever means necessary to
relieve that person of the items. :slight_smile:

I have in my possesion a Dudley Masonic watch. It is in the origional
keystone presentation box and is in excellent condition. The watch was
manufactured in 1928 with a flip open back. All of the symbols of the
Masonic Lodge are created in 14kt yellow gold. The case is 14kt yellow
gold and the dial is in a star burst effect. This watch is one of very few
left after the melt down of watch cases in the early 80’s. If a Mason
wants to take my watch, he must first make a generous offer! I would be
happy to post a picture of the watch if anyone is interested.

Roger W. Kitchens

I have 30+ years at the bench and still learning.

That quote was not quite correct! It means barter, buy , trade or do
everything in his power to legitimately aquire the item in question. The
Masons are a very Honorable Organization that is deeply religious! TO say
that he wouold do harm to aquire it would be like saying the Catholics
would kill you because you, a non Catholic owned a Crusifix. That is a
total lie and pure Crap! My late and very Honorable fathe inlaw was a
Mason of very high degree. Apparently the person infering differently has
no real knowledge of the Masons, only street hearsay!