Masking for Guilding Sharpie Pen

Sharpie pens are made by Sanford, marks most anything, water
resistant, quick drying, come in various fine points, etc. Non toxic,
conforms to ASTM D-4236, made in the US. I buy them by the dozen in a
box at stationary/office supply stores. Whilst I have the box last
bought in front of me, there is no address for the company, but
perhaps they have a web site? Item number 30001 black for the fine
point. Hope this helps.

       D. A. Schneegas" <> writes: ...but
perhaps they have a web site? 

yes, sanford does have a website: as
i recall there is also a page for finding a distributor.

jean adkins

All, There is a better alternative to Sharpie Pens…The brand
name is ENTRE…I believe they’re German. I got mine at Staples. THEY
DON’T DRY OUT WHILE YOU ARE USING THEM 1 I use mine to outline
cabochon designs on slabs and, since I may use them continuously for
hours at a time, the trait of drying out is really
exasperating…Sharpies dry out within minutes. Ron at
Mills Gem ,Los Osos, CA.

In defense of Sharpies…If the stock you buy is fresh, a Sharpie
pen will last a pretty long time …IF you remember to keep the
cover on securely when you’re not using it. Leave it around uncovered
and it won’t last any longer than your usual marker. I had one that
lasted for two years with pretty frequent use. It ran out of ink
before it ever had a chance to dry up. …and ,no…I don’t work for
the company.