Maryville university St . Louis mo

Are there any Orchid members who go to Maryville Uni in St. Louis ?
Its the only one in the area with what seems to be a real program of
metalsmithing for jewelry. Being a private school though its very
expensive. If anyone has, or is going there could they let me know
what they think? 20 grand plus a year for 4 years is a lot to get
an 8.5 x 11 parchment that might allow me to further my career.
Already invested over 10 grand into GIA for my GG degree, another 80
is getting on the scary side. Especially with the return on jewelry
theses days.

Daniel Hamilton
St Louis Mo

Suggest you contact John Baltrashunas directly and make an
appointment to see him. He is the professor for the metalsmithing
program at Maryville. Our Guild, The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths
has workshops there and also at SIU Edwardsville. Have you contacted
Paulette Meyers at SIU? They have a great program there. Both John
and Paulette studied with Heikki Seppa at Washington University and
got their MFA degrees from the metalsmithing program there. When
Heikki retired, both John and Paulette set up programs at the two

Hope this is helpful.