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MaryAnn Nelson - Jewelry Gallery

hanuman Zarafa Designs
Hemel Hempstead, UK

Jewellery is a powerful tool for conveying our stories and memories and as a way to celebrate special relationships;I believe that the pieces that we choose to wear and to give should have special meanings for us.

To produce limited edition pieces I work in silver and gold, as well as precious and semi-precious gems, polymer and resins.

Materials: Fine and Sterling Silver , Swarovski Pearls and Sapphire

Commemorative bracelet for the birth, Christening or name day of a new baby.

Photo credit: Paul Mounsey

Keum Boo Pendant and Bracelet

Materials: Fine silver 24 carat gold keum boo,sterling silver ,amethyst

Pendant and bracelet embossed with 24 carat gold keum boo and set with amethyst

Photo credit: Paul Mounsey

Blue Spectrum Pendant

Materials: Sterling silver and resin

Pendant made of domed sterling silver discs inlaid with transparent resin.

Photo credit: Paul Mounsey