Martys rant & stone search

I recently updated my web site ( and added a
copyright warning on the first page. After a client informed me as
to a friend of hers wearing a “piece of Simone Studio” work with
another designers signature on it. It turned out the other jeweler
selling my piece signed it, stating that “his clients wanted to have
his signature on pieces out of his gallery.” I quality mark,
copyright stamp and trademark stamp or hand “engrave” all work. This
particular piece had no place to stamp, so I signed (and placed all
appropriate markings ) by hand on the widest area on the piece; a
stretch of 18 gauge wire. Difficult to read, but nonetheless there.
Quite plainly through a loupe. The selling jeweler signed, in large
lettering, across the back of soft matrixed uvarovite set in the
piece. The stone, well, he purchased elsewhere and I set in my
design. I almost always use uvarovite in this design that I have bee
making for several years. Incidentally my registered trademark is my
script signature. 3 questions:

1 - Because a piece of jewelry has a copyright stamp; is it covered
like artwork for a certain period of time, or does it have to
actually be registered on a piece basis?

2 - Also; does the commission of a piece entitle the purchaser to
design rights if the piece is an already ongoing line?

3 - Not that this has anything to do with this topic: Does anyone out
there have a line on some good quality Louisiana opal. Preferably
black or Christmas tree (terms used by the guy who mined it). Rough,
if I can get it, or I will recut finished goods if the price is
right. Also looking for some high quality bright green uvarovite, not
the darker stuff that seems to be around. Sorry to get bent out of
shape about copyrights and copycatting — again. I just can’t
believe it happened to me again. I do continue on creating new stuff
constantly and try not to pay attention. But, it’s hard to do when
some designers are making money and getting notoriety off of the hard
work and creativity of lesser known artists, who are truly struggling
to make ends meet. I get enormous satisfaction out of my work, but
that doesn’t pay the bills as they say. and it certainly doesn’t do
much for the libido. But, I am again ranting, Anyone know of some
good high end galleries or a way to get to publicity (on an ever
dwindling budget)?

2 - Also; does the commission of a piece entitle the purchaser to
design rights if the piece is an already ongoing line?

No. We don’t believe the design belongs to the purchaser regardless
of whether it is part of an ongoing line. If you make the piece,
assuming you do not operate under an agreement with a designer and you
are simply the manufacturer, the design is yours as you are the one
who is actually creating the piece and the design.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

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