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Martha Stewart removes rust off of metal


Hello Everyone!

I was reading through an old issue of Martha Stewart today and I
came across a great article on how to clean stuff. It was in the
April 2010 issue. In it, it discusses how to get RUST off of METAL!!

It says to use Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser or Easy-Off Fume Free Max
Oven Cleaner.

It says it can be used on enamel, porcelain, and cast iron. I’m
wondering if it works on old rusty files? Perhaps an experiment is
in order…?

The article says to completely coat the item(s), seal them in a
plastic bag, and let it sit for several hours; dirt will wipe off.
Those are the instructions. I am thinking if this works for files,
then the cleaner and rust will need to be removed - and not just
’wiped off’. So if I were to try this, I would take the file to my
utility sink, scrub it with a toothbrush and a tiny bit of dawn,
until the water runs clear. Then I would dry the file with a hair
dryer, until it is absolutely, totally dry.

Perhaps worth a try.

I just want to say. I know files are consumables. This is if someone
has come across some old, antique files, and they want to see if
they are ‘salvageable’. I’m an avid up-cycler, re-cycler, and
de-constructer. If I can help someone keep something out of a
landfill, it’s a great day!! =:o)

(It also says it can make antique sinks and tubs look new)

Sandra B