Marking Jewelry

Thanks to everyone who wrote about oxy-acetylene supplies. The
answers will probably solve my problem.


I have to mark my pieces here with the karat and with my own mark
here in the USA. Who can make me a punch. I’ve yet to see any supplier
who makes hall marks. My original one’s are held in the UK at
Goldsmith’s hall and I’m reluctant to take them away as it would mean
that I’d get delays in having them hall my pieces over there.

Who can make me a punch. I've yet to see any supplier who makes hall

Best source I’ve found is Harper Manufacturing in Las Vegas. 1 800

Custom letter stamps start at $38 and custom logos or signatures from
your artwork start at $68. They also have a full range of stock

I bought a name stamp for myself and went with the minimum round
shank. Have had difficulty keeping the name lined up. Wish I had
ordered the square shanks like I have on my karat stamps.

Hi Tony, Microstamp Corporation in Pasadena, CA makes custom stamps.
There phone number is 1800 243 3543 and 1818 793 9489. They do have a
little catalogue they can send you. Diane