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Marking even segments on the side of the ring shank


Hi. I am currently struggling with making an eternity ring with wires that are soldered between the stones to make a collet. The difficulty is when I try to meet the mark on the face of the ring to the mark on the side (hopefully you get what I mean) to create equals segments. What techniques do you employ for this? Do you do it simply by eye?

Also, anything that ensures that the lines on the side are radiating from the center? Simply by eye?


Old school – wrap a piece of paper around any cyl or curved shape from one end of the desired span to the other. Remove it, lay it flat and use dividers or any measuring technique to mark the divisions. Once done transfer them Bach to the curved shape and mark each division. Will work on any irregular shape not just cylindrical.
Regards RLW


How do you transfer the marks back without displacing the paper? Glueing paper to the piece?


You can do that or once you know the segment distance you can use a divider tool and simply scratch from one to another. Also there are some interesting YouTube videos on using dividers for jewelry layout.
Regards RLW