Dear Marlo M, you wonder why there aren’t more programs or
courses to help new artists go out into the real world and sell
their work. Perhaps it’s all about competition. Perhaps there are
lots of people out there who see the new artist on the block as
nothing but more competition. Perhaps they think because they had
to learn the hard way, why should it be made any easier for the
new kid.

In fact there are small business courses and there’s always the
combined wisdom of Orchid if all else fails. All the best to all
my Orchid colleagues with best wishes for the Season. Kind
regards, Rex from Oz

Hi Rex from Oz… You’re right… Another artist out in the
market does make for more competition. And maybe it is the
reason no one wants to teach them. That’s so sad, really. Part of
my concern is that their naivete hurts our overall reputation as
professional artists. If beginners knew how hard it is to run
a successful business from the get-go, most wouldn’t even try
it. If they did, the “new and improved” competition would foster
a better understanding of our products as a whole and help to
stop the perpetual belief that artists are, well, you know,

Funny how hesitant artists can be when it comes to the
"business" side. I mean, it really does take creativity to
turn those mundane small business books and boring courses and
complicated computer programs…into something that works for
this crazy business! :slight_smile: Marlo M.