Marketing Dream - Celebrity Attire

Travis, Your idea was great, to have Diane Anderson wear your work!
Back when I lived in the NW, local TV newscasters, weathercasters,
and others on screen, wore garmets and jewelry that were provided by
local retailers. Where you went wrong was making sure that you got
good credits for the “loan” of the items. Maybe you got a little
note at the end of the show, but in Portland, the providers of the
“beautiful things” got a rather big blurb as a bottom-of-the-screen
banner after each showing.

Consequently, the difference between good marketing and great
marketing can be simply a matter of “how big is the font” or “when
will my credit be shown?”

Knowing NM (as a neighbor of yours) you may be a bit ahead of your
time here, and I’m no marketing expert (that’s for sure,) but this
comment may help someone else who tries to implement the idea at
their local TV station.

By the way - “way to go, bro!” (The "bro - comes via the fact that
we both live in the same town.)

Sun Country Gems