Market Preferences of Rhodium Plating

I’m a little uneasy about the new line I just sent out to my reps.
One of my reps loved the fact that my sterling was not
Rhodium-plated. His thoughts are that Rhodium-plated sterling has
too much of a “costume” jewelry look and feel to it and that the look
of “pure” sterling has more of a rich look. On the other hand,
another rep was concerned and said she was afraid her customers would
not buy it because they would not think it was “real” sterling
because of the color (the fact that it did not look like chrome).
I’m wondering if I’ve missed something here…are sterling silver
designs on the market considered below-average quality if they are
not Rhodium-plated??? Personally, I love the look of real sterling
and do not like the high shine of Rhodium-plated jewelry. Is the
only reason for Rhodium-plating sterling silver to avoid tarnish, or
are there other reasons for plating sterling?