Mark LaJoie - Jewelry Gallery

Portland, Oregon. USA

Started in the professional jewelry business 2 weeks after my 16th birthday, and I’m now in my 43rd year, still going strong! I’ve been fortunate all these years to have been able to sit alongside several dozens of gifted and talented individuals in all regards, always being the best student I could be, striving to glean the highest levels of thinking and execution. No one knows everything, and my constant pursuit of higher knowledge + thinking, expressed through my hands keeps me young at heart.

Materials: 18kt Gold, Lemon Citrine
Designer / Author: Mark LaJoie

2011 Designer of the Year winner!!

Choice 25+carats Brazilian Lemon Citrine, oval checkerboard cut, set into a handmade 18 karat yellow gold carved and fabricated design, which is mounted on a 4mm rubber cord having 18 karat yellow gold slide ends. Allows the wearer to adjust the length from 15-25 inches, working in harmony with all clothing styles. Body of piece measures approximately 39.5x35x9.5 millimeters. Over 1.25 ounces of 18kt gold.

Photo credit: Van Rossen