Marilynn Nicholson's jewelry

A group of photos were supposed to be connected with my other post but for some reason I am having a challenging time trying to figure it out… Please check out my web site if you want to see more. Thanks… Marilynn


Beautiful work! Erica

Beautiful work, love the color and pattern combinations (great photography too)

Love the use of the natural patterns in the stones. May I ask what the
small square is in the middle picture?

I really like your designs and use of materials
The abstract designs really love those
on your web sight one in particular with ocean jasper looks like an intarsia thats been dismantled
but it has silver like an inlay its like you tuned it inside out with the thne stone on outside
I love it

Great to see your wonderful pieces Marilyn.

V-e-r-y beautiful, Marilynn! And you’ve used two of my favorite stones (among others), psilomelane and cherry creek jasper.

Best regards,

  • Lorraine

“Nature abhors a vacuum cleaner.” - The Johnston cats

Hi Noralie,

Sorry for the delay in answering. I bought it as a specimen and was told it is a black garnet… Do not know much more about it… Marilynn

It resembles the chunky black Garnet drusies from Mexico. This one looks as though the crystal surfaces have been polished somewhat.
Very effective with this lovely pendant.