Margaret DePatta line likely to be produced

Hello all. I’m about to sit down and do a repair on a de Patta ring,
and I thought maybe I should get this underway, too. The ring was
brought to me by Martha Bielawski, Eugene Bielawski’s second wife,
who was referred to us by our friend merry renk. Ms. Bielawksi is
interested in having us produce Margaret de Patta’s production line,
of which she possesses all of the molds and models. Most
importantly, she represents the Estate, insofar as the rights to the
pieces go. This would be done, incidentally, with great sensitivity
to the value of the original pieces, which is to say that they will
be clearly marked as being modern reproductions. We don’t want to
follow in the Frederick Remington shoes. At this point we are only in
the beginning stages - there are no prices or such detail
established. We did discuss, however, some mechanism for getting the
pieces sold, which we don’t have in place. We (Donivan) know a couple
of galleries locally, but we don’t have those kinds of contacts on a
wider scale. So, if any of you Orchidians are interested in a
ground-floor type situation, please get in touch with us - use any of
the e-mails on our website, below, which will help me keep them
organized. Realize at this point that it’s only a mailing list of
prospects - it will take some time to see if it flies, and then some
time to get some inventory going. I just thought I’d put it out
there. Ms. Biewlawski’s daughter, who is young and eager, has
expressed an interest in taking on the sales end, if necessary -
travel and repping and such.