Marcia Macdonald passed away

As some of you may already know, Marcia MacDonald, artist,
metalsmith and jeweler passed away yesterday.

Marcia was so talented in so many areas. Her spirit will no doubt be
remembered and missed by all those who knew her work, took a class
from her or simply encountered her.

Her passing is truly a blow to the art community. We will miss you

Andy Cooperman

I am just devastated to learn that Marcia MacDonald has passed away.
She will certainly be missed. It was my joy to have met her on
several occasions and to participate in one of her workshops. For a
while, she was a member of the Creative Metal Arts Guild of Portland
Or. (as am I ), and she was an absolute delight. Not only was she a
gifted artist, but was very very generous in helping others and
sharing about different techniques. Yes, she will be


It is indeed with sadness to hear that Marcia MacDonald has passed
away. It was a pleasure and an honor to serve with her as a Board
Member of SNAG, to delight in her whimsical jewelry and her great
sense of humor. This is sad news indeed. Her absence is palpable.
What a terrible loss to us all.