Marc Robinson has passed away

The passing of one of our best-Marc Robinson, the creator and
founder of The Kraftwerks Invitational has passed away

Hello all,

Just in case this has not yet come up Marc Robinson has passed away
very recently in Panu China where he had been working. Tuberculosis
took his life. He is survived by the mother of and his 3 kids. Jewel,
Rose and Marco. Marc had pioneered many casting methods and saw to it
those methods were shared all around. he reshaped educational tours
and seminars with early tours of the refinery and later Kraftwerks.
He taught many casters how to get from gold casting to platinum
casting. I have made a short dedication to Marc that we have up at
YouTube. This link will take you to that video.

There is no word yet on the time of a memorial from the family.
However in respect to it’s founder Kraftwerks this year (Saturday
April 26th, 2014) is dedicated to Marc and his family. I’d like to
share the Kraftwerks experience with as many of you as I can. A
special invitation is extended to all past Kraftmasters to join us
this year. Of course a separate official announcement of Kraftwerks
in detail will be issued shortly.

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West