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I am developing a basic manufacturing software. I have my
Inventory containing all types of finished goods ( gold items ,
silver items, platinum item, diamond, etc.) & raw material ( 24K
Gold etc ). Some time some designs may gets out dated and we
can melt this item and make a new item. Those item whose designs
are out dated & some raw material, I am putting in a
manufacturing bag. Then what I am doing is I am defining a new
item with its attributes like Standard purity etc. Then select
the material to be used as a raw material from this manufacturing
bag. But when I am manufacturing the new item that time I am
considering only the Material Used for that item and the melting
loss incurred. The cost of that item will be the cost of
material used ( as per that day’s bullion price) plus the labor
charges, minus melting loss . The gross weight of that item will
be the wight of material used minus melting loss. I know that the
manufacturing process is big but I want to do only for Basic
things. Can you please let me know how much I am right or where
can I get more about it.

Gopal Mahajan