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Manufacturing Tooth Jewelry


I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I’m looking
at manufacturing my own jewellery they are very small and are fitted
on to the tooth using special dental glue. I need to produce large
quantities of product and was hoping you would be able to help. Any
advice would be greatly appreciated. Where do I start etc. Thanking
you Trish


Trish, I have manufactured in gold and plat for over twenty years. A
few years back I was commissioned for around 6 months to make teeth
caps. Some full bridges. Some with diamonds and such. The secret
is to get them to snap in place without glue for one. A few tips

After having the dental mold made:

  1. Scrap lightly the mold around the edge of the tooth and between
    teeth. Use razor or pinpoint (lightly)

A consistent thickness is very hard to do, especially with the
setting of diamonds:

  1. I used the pink thin wax that comes in squares. I put it in
    warm water, draped it over the teeth and molded it over, burnishing
    it with finger then tool. Cut all the excess off, melt to tooth
    using wax pen contour edged with sharper tool to form crisp lines.
    This will take practice. You can melt hard wax on for a perfect
    fit, however I found more difficult to get to snap to tooth. and
    consistency of thickness.

  2. pulling off the teeth can be a chore. Cut the edge to gumline
    over not under. Slip under with razor and loosen. You can also coat
    the teeth, to create a less stick to surface with jewelry release

Not to discourage you, however I gave this job to somone else. I
make more money in fab and custom.

Some of the teeth were quite strange and to remake them with the
front to appear minty fresh and straight was a real chore, a real
chore, a real chore…

Paul Coca