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Manufacturing help - One-stop shop

Hi all - Happy New Year! I am in the middle of planning for the new
year and one thing I definitely will need is manufacturing help. I am
a small company (just me!) and I was able to make enough product last
year to cover my orders from shows, but the company is growing past
the point where I can do it all myself. And, I really don’t want to
hire “real employees” yet (e.g., payroll taxes and paychecks - eek!).

Does anyone out there know of a US-based company (casting or
otherwise) that can help me with other aspects of
production/manufacturing? - I have cast or stamped pieces that need
to be soldered together. - Some cast pieces simply need pin backs or
other findings fused onto them. I would love to find someone who acts
as kind of a “one-stop shop” for manufacturing help. Any ideas?

I appreciate your input…
Lori Bugaj
One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Design

All, for those of you who are not aware, JCK the jewelry trade
magazine produces a jewelers directory annually. The latest edition
just came out this month. It is the self proclaimed “most
comprehensive reference guide” in the industry (for the US, I
agree). It lists stone setters, casters solderers and lot’s of
other production services and mercandise. It is almost worth a
subscription to get the directory, though I love the magazine itself
too, it’s a must read to keep up with what’s going on in the
industry. The directory is also published online at though I have never used the online version and so
can’t vouch for it’s ease or content.

Larry Seiger

I use Southern Goldsmiths in Charleston SC. They do everything from
master level - engraving to fantastic casting and setting. They have
someone there with basically “alphabet soup” from the GIA that can
also do “fair market value” appraisals. She does really nice work as
well. They handle the work for roughly 40 shops in the area including
Sax’s 5th Ave. and other seriously high end stores. They back their
work and are beyond reasonable in their pricing. One of their
goldsmiths (and co-owner) Rex does such fine work that a local
patroness of the arts (who owns the only privately held Rubens
sculpture in the world) came to him and asked him to do a sculpture
of an African tree (Why an African tree???). Using every spare
moment he took 2 years to complete it. She then held a black tie
affair to introduce the local gentry to the latest work in her
collection (this is about the time I met them). They even have a
master cutter on call. The only thing they don’t regularly cut is

They do everything from brass school pins to four strand 200+
diamond necklaces. As my Dad says, if they were a chameleon they
could do plaid.

They are a great outfit and “good people” that price so you still
have a good profit margin and NO I don’t work for them - though I
have done some waxes for them. A local jeweler introduced me, calling
ahead so they’d let me in the door:) A tour of their shop is

You can reach them at

Southern Goldsmith
343 East Bay St. 
Charleston SC 29401

843-853-3958 but please do not call unless you are serious. They are
busy year round and their full time business manager answers the
phone. They guarantee their work and get it there on time.

Alicia Miller
Exquisite Creations