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Manufacturing contracts templates

Would someone please point me in the right direction on two types of
contracts? I am working with a manufacturer who creates molds and
casts my original designs. I need a confidentiality agreement
contract and a contract to assure my products will be finished on
the day promised. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you
very much

Colleen Paul-Hus

there are on line libraries of forms and templates that one pays for
or are open source and I sell sets of business documents as well
including non-compete and non-disclosure clauses/contracts- as
that’s what you’ll need to prevent US manufacturers from producing
your designs- forget about controlling many asian manufacture’s- they
are mostly unscrupulous and unless you have a physical rep there you
want to avoid china as a manufacturing option…even then it should be
a personal friend…Thailand is the exception as there are many good
manufacturers that work for American and UK concerns regularly with
standard non-compete and non-disclosure agreements into the
contractual agreements…As for delivery contracts they are purely
based on each moldmakers schedule and your written agreement s for
the terms of promising delivery dates or refundable amount…or a
delay clause specifying the consitions if they should have some
emergency of which their insurance should cover their late delivery
or inability to complete the order as promised… This is a lengthy
topic - after reviewing the ganoksin archives on related subjects-
feel free to contact me off list with conciose specific questions…
regards, rer