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Manufacturing Books

Greetings Andrew

There is a book written by one of your fellow countrymen it is
called “Jewellery Making for Profit” by James E Hickling Pub by
NAG Press ISBN 0 7198 00927 he also has a book on “Practical
Jeweller Repair” Pub by NAG Press ISBN 0 7198 0082-x both books
are very good. Try also

	The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths
	Goldsmiths' Hall
	Foster Lane
	London EC2V 6BN

they are sure to have something in this line or let you know
where to find it. You could also try the Craft Council. When I
tried the last time we were in London they were in the middle of
shifting to a new location.

Hope this is of some help. See you sometime after the 1st of

Best wishes to all.

Major @pyramid

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