Manufacturer Question

Hello, I am on the lookout for a small-scale manufacturer in
California or the general West Coast region who specializes in
extremely high-quality casting, fabrication and setting. While most
of my pieces contain some cast elements, all require some
fabrication/soldering. I am not interested in huge volumes, but
with high quality; I need a manufacturer with artistic sensitivity
and a passion for detail. Do you know anyone you could recommend?
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Stacey Lorinczi

Dear Stacy, I have been working with a company based in Chandler AZ,
South of Phoenix, called Lapis Ent. This is run by Ron Johnson who
has brought superior metalsmiths from Taxco, Mexico and has set them
and in many cases their families up in Nogales Sonora about 2 miles
from the Mexico US border. This is no sweat shop, I have been there
on many occasions to teach and observe their work and Ron is
respected as a generous boss. These are fantastic craftsmen who Ron
brought North because he saw a need for custom production in
fabrication and casting which could be afforded by smaller companies
like my own. The craftsmen and families come North because he pays
very well and has job security for them.

Design security is a big deal to me and having them 60 miles from me
is very important because I can go there often unlike sending
production overseas. They have made me hundreds of pieces and their
quality is very much to my standards. Phone; 480-699-0179 Fax;