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Manual of Diamond Setting

To all on Orchid!

It appears to me that some of my colleagues and peers have inquired
about my book “Manual of Diamond Setting” and left it as that once I
send them all my cost for this innovative book. I am selling
not advertising space. I am deeply motivated to explain
how Diamond Setting is accomplished. This book of mine will be shown
through 5 other tool suppliers throughout America, and as well as
here in Canada.

There is a high cost involved in producing this book. From the cost
of laminating pages, text printing, CD burning, CD engraved logo,
colour printing of many book pages. If I had to put all of my 265
pages into one book, I would never recover my costs. Over 65% of my
asking fee is just for the production of this worthwhile manual. If
you can find one idea on setting, then that will justify the buying
of this manual and will make your purchase so worthwhile.

One jeweller, two weeks ago in San Francisco came up to me and said
he just paid $$$ for the “Bench” seminar. His new found information
just paid for his registration fee. It was something I taught him.
One setting idea, he was so happy afterwards with my on
Bead Setting. Basically, this is what you should be looking at.

I will like to lower my price a tad to have you all enjoy this
"Manual", and of course learn from it. I am offering it now to you
all at a wholesale price=85"Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!"