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Manual for aurum digital induction casting machine

I have a used Aurum Digital 150 induction casting machine that is
not working. the operation manual with trouble shooting is missing a
few critical pages. Does anyone have a copy of the manual or does
anyone know what I need todo to get it running?

I have power to the ON button and the machine powers up motors run,
fans run and I get power to the digital temp read out, but none of
the other lights turn on. nothing melts or heats up, except me:-(

Any help ?
I have tried to google and no luck on a manual there.

Hi Vernon,

If you would be so kind as to tell me what pages you are missing,
I’ll try to get them to you.

Best Regards

Thanks. the trouble shooting pages I am missing are pages 2,3,4,13
Really would love a complete manual electronically or scanned would
be fine. Half of the other pages I have for the operational part do
not have page numbers on them. so do not know if I have all of it or
not. Suspect am missing a couple of them also…

After I get this up and running I will be in the market for a model
printer to print out the CAD files in house for casting.