Managing Orchid mail

 What a surprise I had yesterday when I opened my e-mail account
to 235 new messages.  I will try to keep up as long as I can. 

I want to recommend the email program Eudora to those having trouble
managing the volume of Orchid mail. Eudora allows you to “filter”
your mail, so all Orchid mail can go in one folder. That way, if
you get behind, you can delete the entire contents of the folder
without worrying that you’re deleting an important personal

I’m sure other programs allow this as well, however, AOL does not.
Having Eudora and being able to filter mail into folders is what
makes it possible for me to be on Orchid. I love this program and
recommend it to anyone who will stand still long enough for me to
talk about it.

You can download it free at There are sponsored
modes (ads) and paid modes (no ads).

No connection…etc.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor

** Hanuman’s Response **

I am a Pegasus Mail Fan. A freeware.

Hi Elaine, Just for the record, Microsoft Outlook will sort incoming
messages into folders as well, as will Netscape Communicator. I use
Outlook because of its integration with Office, and despite its
susceptibility to viruses (get a good virus checker, folks, and
update the definitions weekly), and I suspect lots of others out
there do too.

Or you could buy an iMac like my husband did and use the new mail
program Apple just introduced. It’s still in beta testing, but my
husband raves about it. He’s a computer engineer, and spends all day
chasing software bugs, so he’s not very patient with buggy software
at home.

Lots of options out there, so you can pick the one that works best
for you.


Hello All: You can set up “Message Rules” under “tools” on outlook
express also. I save a copy of all Orchid posts in a seperate folder
along with recieving them in my inbox. It is also handy to send email
directly to your trash can if they contain certain words.
Michael R. Mathews Sr.

Also, on the same subject, for those of you using Outlook, I recently
set up the rules wizard to sort all my mailing list mail too… just
make a “rule” that moves everything with “” in the
recipient line and puts it in a dedicated folder… take a look under
the “tools” menu.

Andrew Horn
The Master’s Jewel

I find it useful to receive Orchid posts in the “digest” format.
All this means is that instead of lots of individual posts you get
one long document, once a day. Very convenient for scrolling. Don’t
be put off by the term “digest”, what you get is the full text. A
slight downside for some folks could be the time delay associated
with the once a day format, but it works just fine for me.

Kevin (NW England, UK)

for those of you using Outlook, I recently set up the rules wizard
to sort all my mailing list mail too...  just make a "rule" that
moves everything with "" in the recipient line
and puts it in a dedicated folder. 

In Outlook Express and Entourage (at least for the Mac), just use
the Mailing List Manager. No need to make your own rules if they’re
already made for you.


Hi All, just have to put my two cents in on this one as I am mostly
a lurker due to the fact that I am always way behind on the topics.
AOL allows you to have seven different e-mail accounts or screen
names. I use this one for only Orchid and can catch up by topic
when I have time to sit down for a while. Unfortunately I have to
pass on a lot of the topics but it is easy to simply select a long
list and just delete. Its sad to miss out on some but I simply
don’t have time in my week to keep up with the volume. Paul, father
of a three year old, a one & a half year old, and baby girl #3 well on
her way.
;O) virtual cigars to all of you.

Great tip on creating a rule to put all the Orchid mail in a
separate folder. Didn’t know about that, thanks. I just designated
the “[Orchid]” in the subject line.

Prior to this I always first sorted my mail into date order (click
on Received at the top of the column), picked out the non-Orchid
mail, dealt with that and then sorted it into subject order (click
on Subject) and deleted those subjects which did not interest me
(sorry, I’ve probably missed out on some excellent info, but time
does not allow me to read each one and fortunately they do go into
the archives).

Then I skim read through the rest, finally reading the ones of most
interest to me in more detail. I always have a few left which I
think I might be able to answer and if I don’t, within a month, I
delete them too …(except for the one on “Pretty Polish” (Round
Rocks 31/01/03) which I think I might come across one day and would
like for myself).

Cheers for now, Renate