Malleable bronze

   I'm not 100% certain, but I think there's probably a good
reason that bronze age weapons and tools were cast rather than
forged.  I recommend researching the topic of bronze age tools and
how they were made. 

I can only speak for ancient Mesopotamia, but there are several
points to remember on the topic of Bronze Age tools and weapons:

–the composition of bronze was never consistent, anywhere in the
Ancient Near East;

–bronze was used earliest and (for a time) most often for jewelry
and decorative and, most likely ritual, implements;

–there is no particular advantage to hot-forging bronze, and the
type of tongs needed to handle a hot ingot did not exist;

–in order to forge bronze, one would have to cast an ingot first,
so it’s not as if one could skip the casting stage. Lost-wax
casting was in use in the 4th millennium BC.

Judy Bjorkman