Making your own wedding rings?

Should I Make my wedding rings?
I’m looking for a little bit of advice about making my wedding rings. I love the idea, but I’m scared they’ll turn out really naff and I’ll be stuck with them! I work as a researcher and content producer in the fashion industry and have written a few articles about making jewellery - this however is slightly different.

If anyone could recommend a company that they’ve used that would be really helpful! I worried as know a girl from work who attended a ‘workshop’ and made hers, but if I’m honest it’s way too shabby looking for me! I already have sourced my diamonds from diamonds of choice, and they do let you design rings online but I want it to be more personal than this! I basically don’t want to risk going to a venue that let’s you make your own rings to be totally disappointed when my welding skills and those of my significant other are not up to scratch.

Would you recommend i scrap the diamonds for a band ring and have them set into another ring professionally? or can I be done?

Any help really appreciated.

Hi Bethany,
Are you asking about “Making” (as in working with the metal yourself)
or, “Making” as in sitting with someone doing CAD rendering (or drawing) to your vision?
There is a huge difference, especially in the quality of design & finish work if you want a piece that fits your needs and looks “Pro”.
Either way…

  1. you need a drawing /rough sketch / screen shots of the basic look you want.
  2. You need to declare a budget AND what materials you want the rings made in.
  3. You need to declare a timeline (due date)
  4. you need an accurate ring size.
  5. You need to state the size of the diamonds you’ve purchased , both in carats , and in millimeters.
    6 You need to be prepared to post a deposit to start the process (generally 50 to 75% down on custom orders) (I know this will bring comments…).

What to expect.

  1. Solid drawings / artwork that addresses your needs.
  2. A fixed Quote that will only change if you change something
  3. Communication, in some form, about the progress (will vary with the complexity of the project).
  4. To pay in full at the completion of the project (unless otherwise agreed upon)
  5. On time delivery.

These are the basics of ordering a custom made piece.
There are a number of people here that can do this work,
as well as putting the project up for review on the “CustomMade” website.
Best wishes on your dream ring,

YUP! Kids don’t try this at home. Formulate an idea and then go to a pro for the creation part.

Simple bands are easy to make, with guidance, even without experience.
Rings with diamonds set in them, regardless of the type of setting, will be
much harder.

You don’t say where you are, but I’ve taught many people to make their own
band rings, and even had an article on how to do it in Jewelry
Artist/Lapiday Journal. If you’re near Chicago, I’d be very happy to teach
you. I can tech you settings, too, but expect that to be more of a


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The first time I ever worked with gold, I made our wedding bands. My engagement ring was a full circle band of small diamonds, so it was easy to make a matching wedding band. They were a simple design, just using square wire. It meant a lot-to both of us-that they were handmade. They’ve held up fine for nearly 40 years, and it got me comfortable with working in gold ever since.

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