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Making wax models and best wax books

michael, 4 suggestions:

  1. Get some good books. Here are the very best 2 that I have found
    and I have lots of jewelry books. Basic Wax Modeling by Hiroshi
    Tsuyuki (ISBN 4-905588-28-6) and Practical Wax Modeling Advanced
    Techniques by Hiroshi Tsuyuki (ISBN 0-9637463-0-8). They are in
    english with great instruction and photos. I have heard that these
    books are out of print, however I have seen them recently at many of
    the jewelry tool wharehouses for about $25 ea.

  2. Get some wax and basic tools and EXPERIMENT for yourself. This is
    by far the best way to learn to carve wax. Beware you will invest
    lots of time here, but it will be well worth it in the end.

  3. Search in your area for a college jewelry program or some other
    sort of lapidary/jewelry club in your area. We have both here in
    San Diego.

  4. Find a professional wax carver in your area and pay them a
    visit. Showing an interest in wax carving will usually get them
    talking about little tricks they have. REMBER THIS, time is money
    to them so try to pick their brain when business is slow for them.

Good Luck, Rich