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Making tiaras

I really love it, though I must admit that I really miss >making
tiaras--must be some latent princess fantasy! 

Andrea-- I read in a couple of places recently that tiaras are
making a comeback (possibly in part to the beautiful ones in Lord of
the Rings?) so maybe you are in the right place at the right time.
One girl at my son’s middle school graduation was wearing one! If
you want to make them, I say Go for it!!

would like to know more about making tiaras. Give me all the info
you can. I want to make one for my daughter when she graduates from

Thanks in advance

Here’s a quick fix tiara. I needed to get one ready for a friend, a
drag queen, in a hurry (I had four hours) so I made a frame up for
it, wired on a diamante necklace upside down and padded the inside so
that it was comfortable and fitted. It looked amazing, and STAYED ON!

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

Try Mr. Louizos Sr. made one
for his daughter. He use to be one of the people who use to work for I believe he can


Hi Dan, I just made a couple of tiaras for a bridal boutique. For
support/base I used a 1 memory wire and 1 21 Ga sterling wire
threaded through 6 Swarovski diamante stones at equal intervals. In
between the diamantes I covered each wire with liquid silver beads.
You can pull the silver wire into a crown-like triangles add some
crystals, dangles, etc. The nice thing is that the memory wire can
stay on the head without any pins, and then you can wear the tiara
as a neckalce too.