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Making The Official Orchid Pin

I know some of you jumped right on with a great CAD program,
duplicated the official pin and cut a mold. Well, I’ve had the
pleasure of doing it the old fashioned way, cuting, filing, soldering,
recutting(had proportions of leaves wrong), filing, and soldering.
Just been great. No wax, no dust, and burning midnight oil. I’ll
probably have the most expensive (labor hours) but, I wouldn’t trade
it. Great design to work with. Thank you. Hope everyone else can
take the time to enjoy this one. Regis

Hi Regis, Make sure to post a photo of it when you finish. It would be
great to see. Maybe Hanuman can set up an Orchid Pin gallery page if
he gets enough photos. Just a thought. Everyone seems so enthused about
this one. Susan Sarantos (new web in progress)
“Listen to the Universe and Dance to the Rhythm of it.” SES