Making silver ear hoops

I have never worked with silver nor made ear wires. My dsughter
wants to use Argentium silver wire to make small hoops. Pull apart to
wear, no hook. Should she use 20 or 22 ga? Form on a dowel with a
plastic hammer or metal? Anymore ideas or help?

Thx, brenda

I use 22 gauge wire and form them around a mandrel with a rawhide

I round the ends with cup burs.


Hi Brenda

0.8mm would be good, just wrap round the dowel no need for a hammer.


I was in Michaels arts and craft store with my grand daughter and
they have anice jig for forming ear wires on. I bought the set to
use in my shop. Easy to use and they turn out the same every time.
Either gauge should work.

Thank you all for input on silver wire gauge. My daughter was told
of a youtube video to watch. She has ordered the wire and is on her