Making shapes with colored epoxy / resin

Greetings, Orchidians!

I’m hoping someone out there might have some bright ideas…I’d like
to make some colored, nearly (but not quite) opaque plastic shapes
and assume there’s a product out there that can do this, but am not
sure what it might be/how to proceed.

I’ve scoured the archives and it sounds as though ColorIt might
work? I’d like the finished pieces to be about 1/4" deep and of
various shapes, which also brings me to ask how I might make molds
for them. I’m just one gal and a bench so don’t have much fancy
equipment; no moldmaking machinery, etc…is this at all possible?
I’m not currently planning to have any metal in these at all,
although if need be I might have to change the design to incorporate
a metal base…I’d definitely prefer not having metal sides, which
is what I could see being the most useful design alteration (I could
then simply make the shapes in metal and fill them with epoxy), but
if I have to go that route I can. If that were the case, what
epoxy/resin might work?

Thanks in advance for sharing anything that might help me get at
least to the experimentation step of this process! And, of course,
for the amazing amount I learn from this list every single day.

-Jessica in shockingly unseasonally sunny San Francisco

Are you trying to make flat shapes? Or molded, 3-D shapes. You can
find a plastics supplier like Cadillac Plastics in Anaheim, CA for
all types of sheet, rod, etc. They can be formed with mild heat
sources, etc. Opaque, translucent, transparent, they can be cut with
a jeweler’s saw or band saw and buffed to polish the cut edges, just
as if you were cutting metals. There should be several suppliers in
your area that can help you figure what you need to make the mold
and the resin and hardeners to make it. Margaret